June 21, 2021

Kill the beast in US

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The Chronicle

Stephen Mpofu, Perspective

South African opposition leader Mr Julius Malema wrote (yes, wrote) a chapter of Zimbabwe’s founding father and iconic revolutionary, the late former President Robert Mugabe, the whole or part of which local and founding foreign political historians might find impossible not to include in their black-and-white immortalisation of the liberation struggle that recovered our motherland from a racist, foreign ruling culture on April 18, 1980.

In a recent speech when condoling with the first family in Harare over their great loss, the Economic Freedom Fighters party president spoke highly of how President Mugabe fought fearlessly against white imperialists in his defence of blacks at the United Nations, the African Union as well as at other international fora.

But had Malema however cared to elucidate on his speech, he would have explained that Cde Mugabe was not against white people per se but against some white people hell-bent on turning blacks into door mats on which to rub off the filth encrusted on the soles of their shoes so they would mince step, clean into the house/future that they were building for themselves and their kith and kin and where their security was guaranteed.

But when Mr Mugabe and his contemporary revolutionary freedom fighters vanquished the white racism with the attainment of our independence, freedom and self-determination, the racists beat a hasty retreat and returned to their native countries or carried the beast with them out of our country to lands where the huma could freely graze.

But, sadly enough, a year shy of four decades down the road of uhuru, a huma almost resembling the beast white racism in its ferocity has reared up its ugly head among us, blacks, strengthening the curse for its destruction before it causes worse turmoil in our                                                                                                 society.

The huma corruption has already brought about untold misery in both the private and public sectors in our country.

Two stories published in the press just days ago tell of the rot that has set in, making Zimbabwean society a mockery in the eyes of the civilised world, and calling for an all out blitzkrieg campaign to restore respectability to our people in the global village.

The first article is about a policeman who resigned his job when fed up with the rot in the police force and then spilled the beans to the press about corruption resulting in his being locked up for a fortnight reportedly for communicating with the media without prior permission from his superiors.

Now which crime is worse in this case: lifting the lid to expose the creeping worms of corruption that bring damnation to an institution for law enforcement agents in order for corrective measures to be taken to restore respectability: or remaining mum while the worms destroy the image of those whose duty is to oversee abidance with laws of the country?

The aggrieved pen feels compelled to state that if a law exists in this country compelling people to remain mum while a house burns down with the risk of igniting other places then that law is nothing but an ass and deserves banishment from this country’s statute book as it is of no good to anyone by silencing those raising the alarm about things not well in a vital Zimbabwean institution.

But as things stand, those who try to muzzle the uninverted patriotic cop should realise that their victim is in reality celebrated by law abiding Zimbabweans as a hero rather than a villain.

The second story tells of how the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) Chairperson, Justice Loice Matanda-Moyo, and her team of commissioners have acquired firearms for personal protection amid reports that they have been receiving death threats from unknown people over high graft cases under investigation.

Our Government, in whose hands the security of all institutions and people is reposed, needs no further evidence than the report in point here to know that corruption has already bred brutal MAFIOS, crime-ridden personalities who regard themselves as untouchable and will stop at nothing to remove those they view as impediments to their desired way of life.

The Anti-Corruption Commission is an embodiment of law against the sickening graft in question and those threatening the lives of those employed to weed out the scum should seriously be viewed as enemies of decency and civilised standards in our country so that everything possible should be done by the Government which set up the ZACC before things get worse.

What this also suggests is that in the same way that the people of this country rallied their support to the armed revolution to end white racism with its dehumanising laws against black people, they must give the same support to President Mnangagwa’s anti-corruption crusade to liberate our country from the scourge of corruption.

Tempus fugit and so, because time indeed flies, the crackdown on corruption should be regarded by all decent Zimbabweans as an emergency.

Source: Chronicle

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