July 25, 2021

Donald Trump To Win US Election

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Internationally acclaimed prophet Isaiah Brian Sovi has revealed a shocker on the US elections.

Speaking in a private interview with this reporter the Prophet revealed that the world needs to pray for the United States of America. Prophet Isaiah Brian Sovi said Donald Trump was going to win the elections. He added that, they will nullify some votes in key states and there will be huge protests in 3 key states.

He said if people do not pray the 12th Ammendment was going to be invoked.

Isaiah Brian Sovi

The 12th Ammendment was added to the US constitution in 1804. . It requires that the electors cast separate ballots for president and vice president and that if no candidate receives a majority, the House chooses from the top three candidates.

Prophet Isaiah Brian Sovi has accurately foretold the results of elections in several different countries.

He prophesied Donald Trump’s presidential bid and victory in the last election 18 months before Trump was nominated.

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