May 11, 2021

Pressure group backs Philip Chiyangwa

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League of Patriots backs Chiyangwa
League of Patriots backs Chiyangwa

Political pressure group and lobbyists LEAGUE OF PATRIOTS have launched a campaign backing flamboyant businessman Dr. Philip Chiyangwa.

Philip Chiyangwa is currently embroiled in a legal battle to kick off invaders at Citrus Farm which was given to Philip Chiyangwa in 2002.

League of Patriots silenced the premature victory celebrations by land barons against Philip Chiyangwa. These land barons had won a minor victory in the High Court which has since been challenged in the supreme Court.

Land barons who were booted out of Harare South had trekked to Chinhoyi to cause havoc there. In the process they targeted a farm owned by Flamboyant businessman Dr. Philip Chiyangwa.

The lawless land barons have caused chaos and death at Old Citrus Farm. One security guard was fatally assaulted by the illegal land invaders led by Givemore Garange. The security guard succumbed to the injuries and died in hospital.

The High Court yesterday ruled in favour of Land baron who was chased away from Harare South Givemore Garange. The interim order barred flamboyant businessman Philip Chiyangwa from evicting farmers from his Old Citrus Farm in Chinhoyi.

The order was issued on November 9, 2020 by Justice Benjamin Chikowero following an application by more than 20 farmers who claimed that their houses and structures had been demolished by Chiyangwa who accused them of invading the land. The victory was short lived as Dr. Philip Chiyangwa has approached the Supreme Court to overturn the order.

The facts around Citrus Farm are that, on the 29th of October 2002 Philip Chiyangwa was granted an offer letter for Old Citrus Farm in Chinhoyi.

In 2008 Dr. Philip Chiyangwa further applied for authority to develop the farm from being agricultural land to an urban development. The Chinhoyi city Council approved the application by Dr Chiyangwa. Chiyangwa was granted permission on the 14th of October 2008.

Philip Chiyangwa set aside 25 million dollars for the development of the project. The project stalled when Clive Johnson invaded the farm with 100 illegal settlers. Clive Johnson neither had an offer letter nor title deeds to Citrus Farm.

Dr. Philip Chiyangwa has approached the supreme Court seeking to quash the interim order which granted Givemore Garange and 20 others unestablished occupation rights at Old Citrus Farm.

An appeal has been filed with the Supreme Court against the judgement of the High Court which illegal settlers and thieves on the farm have been misinterpretating as allowing their illegal activities. The effect of the appeal is that all efforts and security operations against the illegal settlers are now being intensified. Sources from Chinhoyi revealed that Dr. Chiyangwa had tightened security and he was not going to spare any effort or resources to ensure that all merchants of crime are completely removed from the farm.

League of Patriots National Secretary General Brian Gamundani said their members from Chinhoyi had officially written to the national leadership of LOP seeking support, as the members now lived in fear of the violent land barons. The Secretary General said “Today’s supreme court action by Dr Phillip Chiyangwa has poured water on the short lived celebration of Justice Chikowores bad judgement, our members are living in fear since the death of a security guard and we are considering available options to beef up security and protect people at Citrus Farm.”

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