January 18, 2021


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Pastor Serah shakes SADC region

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Zimbabwe is known for producing powerful servants of God such as Baba Ezekiel Guti, Reverend CHIWESHE, Prophet Uebert Angel, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa and now Harare preacher Pastor Serah has joined the list. Pastor Serah caused a stir as hundreds rushed to attend the preacher’s services, prayer and healing services. This week Pastor Serah hosted a special service on dreams, this drew the attention of many who wanted more on the subject.

Several people from across the SADC region reached out to Pastor Serah to participate in the dreams service.

Speaking on her platform Pastor Serah said “God can speak to us through dreams so it is important to remember the dream but sometimes the devil steal the dream so that you don’t remember anything . If you always forget your dream you need to pray or to be prayed for. God sometimes warns us of danger through dreams and sometimes gives us instructions and devil steals the dream.”

She added that “However it is important to have the spirit of discernment on the type of dreams and meanings.”

Boikago Moabi who participated in the dreams service from Botswana said “Pastor Serah’s Be fruitful prayer group has changed my life and I am looking forward to using this knowledge in my life and learning more about dreams from Pastor Serah.”

Chimwemwe Kaunda from Zambia said ” At first I was doubtful that Pastor Serah could help me but ever since I joined Pastor Serah’s prayer group my life has changed. I know sleep peacefully and I remember my dreams and they now come to pass.”

Pastor Serah has been conducting international prayer services via social media, with amazing testimonies from various people who follow her.

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