July 25, 2021

Magistrate who acquitted Lunat fraudsters arrested for corruption and abuse of office

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Judicial Insiders have revealed that the Lunat fraud case (Ishmail Moosa Lunat and Mohamed Iqbal Lunat) involving 1.4 Million USD is set to go under review as the Magistrate Morgan Nemadire faces charges of abuse of office and corruption.

In October 2019, Magistrate Morgan Nemadire imposed a ZWL$700 fine on a Venezuelan national, Delcy Daymar Rodriguez Guererro, who was convicted of possessing more than 5kg of cocaine worth US$500,000. He has now been arrested for this decision and charged with abuse of public office(Corruption).

Morgan Nemadire is no stranger to controversy as he also freed Wicknell Chivayo who was jointly charged with the late Genius Kadungure (Ginimbi), saying there was no evidence linking Chivhayo to the alleged offence.

In 2008 Harare Magistrate Morgan Nemadire issued an arrest warrant against central bank governor Gideon Gono and his aide, Fortune Chasi, who failed to attend a court hearing where they were scheduled to testify in former Minister Bright Matonga’s trial.

In a surprise turn of events, former Information Minister Jonathan Moyo defended Nemadire for acquitting Ishmaiel Moosa Lunat. This has raised the eyebrows of investigators at the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission.

Prof Jonathan Moyo has been a staunch defender and supporter of the Lunats, exposing that the former Information Minister was contracted to win the Public Relations battle on behalf of the Lunats who managed to walk away with 1.4 Million USD they defrauded from Zakariya Patel.

Prof Jonathan Moyo said “The same Magistrate On 30 Nov 2020, Morgan Nemadire acquitted Ishmaiel Moosa Lunat of allegations of fraud levelled against him by Mohammed Zakariya Patel.”

Insiders revealed that a review and investigation of Morgan Nemadire’s cases will expose that Nemadire corruptly acquitted Lunat, when the evidence points and proves that Lunat is guilty. Jonathan Moyo is now in overdrive defending Lunats because he clearly has something to gain from the Lunat – Nemadire alliance.

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